"At the forefront of the Irish pop music stage is this Dublin-based quartet that combines elements of electronica, psychedelia, rock and pop to create their unusual aesthetic. Formed in 1992, Blink has earned four Top 10 hits in their native country."

"Their first album, A Map of the Universe by Blink, released in 1995 on Parlophone Records, was described as "the finest Irish pop album ever!" by Hot Press, propelling it into platinum status. A local club favourite, Blink headed to the U.S. to join the Guinness Fleadh Festival before releasing their second full-length effort, The End Is High. Released in 1998 on Mutant Sound System, the album features one of Blink's previously released hit singles, "Cello.""


band members:


sample lyrics:

"You thought the birds that flew above were stars,
But they were only birds.
Stars don't fly in the day,
Not where I come from anyway."

- Happy Day