"They play brilliant pop songs with brilliant melodies, but combine the classic sounds of overdriven guitars like they've never been meshed before. Then they augment that holy/unholy sound with cello, Celtic beats, bodhan trumpets and more guitar."

"Along with My Bloody Valentine, Rollerskate Skinny were the most staggeringly imaginative band to ever emerge out of Ireland. Their fearless studio experiments, funded by labels such as Warner Bros and Chrysalis and released on the albums “Shoulder Voices” (1993) and “Horsedrawn Wishes” (1996), were met with across-the-board critical acclaim and left scores of their contemporary noisepop bands in their wake scratching their heads."


band members:


sample quote:

"She's quite skinny, like me,
 But nice skinny, rollerskate skinny."

- Catcher In The Rye, JD Salinger