Sunbear are an amazing four-piece guitar / shoegazing band from Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Sunbear formed in April 1993 and the members are Martin Kelly (vocals, electric guitar), Paul Kelly (electric guitar), Colin Morris (bass guitar) and Patrick Moran (drums). So far they have released the eponymously titled album "Sunbear" in 1994 and the "Bits and Pieces" EP in 1996.

Only a month after their first rehearsal, 'The Sunbear' (as they were then known), played their first gig in Barnstormers on Capel St. The gigs continued over the months, initially at all of Dublin's' smaller venues. Eventually gigs began at the larger 'Rock Garden' where Sunbear began to support both well known Irish and British bands.

The first of these was supporting Dublin's Whipping Boy. A band they were to play alongside many more times in the future. Preceding this gig was the bands first interview. Some of the noteworthy support slots over the following months were Moose, Sebadoh and Rollerskate Skinny.

The rehearsals for this endless string of gigs bore the songs which were to become their debut album; "Sunbear". A blistering night of beautiful music was had at the albums' launch in Whelan's.

1995 brought them their greatest support slot with Suede in Belfast. In 1996 the release of their "Bits and Pieces" EP prompted a launch in The Mean Fiddler. This was the beginning of all the silly duck stuff.

Then in September came the "In The City" - International Music Convention. Melody Maker had some nice words to say about their gig in Eamonn Doran's.

At the moment there is some record company shenanigans going down. We believe from this, the nice lads from the Northside are recording some new tunes.


Biography (MySpace, July 2006)

"SUNBEAR were a mid 90s Dublin band that blazed an often inspired and sometimes shambolic trail across the Irish Music Scene. The band consisted of four firm friends, Martin and Paul Kelly on vocals/guitars and guitar respectively, Colin Morris, bass, and Patrick Moran on drums. They were later joined by Joe Chester on keyboards, guitar and production. The band, who were once referred to as the laziest band in rock, had the ability to enthral and frustrate in equal measure. Frenzied and wildly received gigs were often followed by extended periods of inactivity. However, the band released an eponymously titled debut album to widespread acclaim and followed it with the Bits and Pieces EP, both of which sharpened the artistic focus of the band. Following a hugely successful appearance at the In the City festival and favourable press in NME magazine the band were signed to American record label, the Enclave, run by former Geffen A&R man Tom Zutat. The initial optimism of this move proved unfounded however, as the label folded before any SUNBEAR release. The disappointment of this time ultimately led to the band calling it a day. A number of exceptional demos of new songs went unreleased and largely undiscovered which brings us to where we are now.

The purpose of this page is to introduce Sunbear to some new friends and have some of these songs heard. The page will be regularly updated with opportunities to hear new songs, and hopefully some obscure ones that never quite made it to the SUNBEAR set list. We start with DOG, a summer classic in the making that has gathered its own cult standing among many Irish music fans and POKE MY SIDE, a perfect example of SUNBEAR's ability to mesh catchy melodies with torrents of raging feedback. Watch out for the first blog from this SUNBEAR page when we will fill you in on what the band members are up to now. Just as soon as we have some friends to inform of course........"