The Idiots was a Dublin-based alternative rock band. The group was active during the mid to late nineties with a line-up which included Brian Mooney [vocals & guitar], James Eadie [keyboards], Declan Costello [bass guitar] and Andy Osborne [drums]. Eadie had previously performed with acclaimed Irish band, Into Paradise.


The band released its eponymously-titled debut album in 1995 on Dirt Records. The long player included 7 slices of well sculpted tracks including 'Slow', 'Rekcollector' and 'Screwdriver'. The album was, undoubtedly, inspired by My Bloody Valentine. In 1999, the band contributed the track 'Sample' to the first Road Relish split 7" release. The Redneck Manifesto contributed the flip side.


Since the band's split, Mooney has gone on to perform as Beautiful Unit and with David Kitt's band. Andy Osborne took on drumming duties with Holemasters.