November 2020

Brian Mooney’s most recent project is The Next New Low album "And As For Loss".

YouTube song: Jade Rabbit (I Am Here, It Is Now)


June 16 2019

Hot Press interview with Brian Brannigan where he raves about The Idiots and Brian Mooney's lyric writing.

"His lyrics. He’s a really under-rated lyricist and songwriter. He’s still doing a lot of stuff now that’s absolutely genius. He keeps posting stuff online that’s incredible. Yeah – his lyrics and his phrasing in his placement of words in very, very loud, noisy songs. I was fascinated by his words and his phrasing and the tone of his voice as well. So he had a massive influence. He has a line in the song ‘Pinned’: “I think I’m going to cut thin ice”. And that line alone had a massive impact on me. It had a huge impact on my lyrics."


June 2010 has some more rare Idiots tracks from the "Father" session.


December 2009 "Following on from some recent comments here on this blog, I feel it is apt to present at this point, the second track from the session with The Idiots in Lansdowne Studios around the end of 1991.

As you will hear, they were way ahead of their time – The more I listen, the more I think that the lyrics must have been written after some wild premonitions!"


November 1 2009

Road Records: "Beautiful Unit "European Son"
"The debut solo album from former idiots guitarist and trust me im a thief head honcho Brian Mooney. The album was recorded in various darkened parts of dublin over the last 14 years so you can expect quite a variety of sounds on this one. The album goes right back to a previously unreleased idiots tracks and also features contributions from former idiot Jimmy Eadie throughout. Dylan Phillips from Pet Lamb and Dinah Brand also guests. The album features a lovely downbeat collection of everything from squelchy electronic sound effects to mellow folk to beat driven indie rock. An album of beautifully eclectic lo fi indie rock.


April 26 2009

Brian Mooney is interviewed on Irish Beats about his project 'Beautiful Unit'.


May 2001

Arab Strap, The Idiots
Tues 1 May, Dublin, Red Box, 01 4761038

"Glasgow's finest sex-diary reading, tortured-relationship revealing, immaculately-crafted pop two-piece play a one-off Dublin show in support of their fine new album, The Red Thread. Support comes from reclusive rockers The Idiots, in what probably counts as this year's annual appearance."


October 1999

The Idiots and The Redneck Manifesto released the first Road Relish 7".


June 7 1996

The Underground, 55 Dame St., Dublin
The Idiots, Hot Sweat, Sticky + support


March 8 1995

The Projects Arts Centre, Dublin - 8:30PM
Tension, The Idiots, Here Be Monsters


May 8 199x

"Rumour around town has it the The Idiots are heading off in the next few weeks to England to record a new album as a follow up to their 18th century classic. The album is going to be recorded in William Reid's studio (Jesus And Mary Chain) so we are all hoping that the guys make it back and get to release the album before the dinosaurs come back."