Hailing from Cork, Waiting room delivered a unique sound that comfortably slides and cuts through genres with an infectiously laid back air. The debut album, "Losing Patience" was very much a mellow indie record; which Mark O' Sullivan (Hot Press) described as "packed full of three minute pop gems", while Inside Cork's Michael Carr compared the album to "Pablo Honey's more vibrant moments...slower...more imaginative".

Since that particular release, the band has embraced the likes of Mogwai and Fugazi to showcase the full scope of their talents. Audience feedback from time spent in various haunts across the country was enough to encourage Waiting Room to become a more audacious and experimental outfit.


band members:


sample lyrics:

"Watch your shadow disappear with time,
 With every broken promise left behind,
 As all your stuttered words give into rhyme,
 So you can fall asleep with peace of mind."

- Return My Rabbits