The Wilde Oscars were an indie rock band formed by the songwriting team of Leslie Keye and Jonathan Reichental, both ex Brainchild. They built up a large fan-base around Ireland through extensive gigging in the mid '90s. They released a number of self-financed recordings and their debut album, 'Fish' released in 1996 sold 20,000 copies in Ireland, Denmark and Japan. Naimee Coleman left the band in 1995 for a solo career.

The Wilde Oscars disbanded in 1997. Following this, frontman Leslie Keye pursued his growing interest in dance music and to work on solo material. He relocated to the southwest of Ireland and released his debut album, Breathe. He also recorded a number of dance tracks under the moniker, Shiny Child and started a forum for original talent in Kerry called Fior Ceoil.

Leslie Keye returned to Dublin in 2001 and started work on his second album, 'Plan B-Again'. Featuring live favourites such as "Perfect Girl", "I Could Be The One" and "Star", 'Plan B-Again' returns Leslie Keye to his singer/songwriter roots although he finds time to add showcase his programming skills on a few tracks.

Tara Egan-Langley later joined Kilkenny band Kaydee. She currently performs under the name Tara Blaise. Miriam Ingram also pursued a solo career. Ingram's vocals have graced many an album by Irish artists, including The Harvest Ministers, Nick Kelly, Gráda and Dr Millar.