Irish Times - December 12 2006

WHO THE HELL IS ...Miriam Ingram?

Wilde women: What's the link between talented Irish singers Naimee Coleman, Tara Blaise and Miriam Ingram? Answer: They were all members of The Wilde Oscars, the band led by Dubliner Leslie Keye, which became a launchpad for the women's varied solo careers. Coleman had moderate success with her album Silver Wrists, and even cracked the UK Top 10 when she provided the vocals for Aurora's dance remake of Duran Duran's Ordinary World. Blaise (then Tara Egan-Langley) joined Kilkenny band Kaydee, met Corrs producer John Hughes, changed her surname to Blaise, and starred in the stage production of War of the Worlds. But what became of Miriam Ingram? She too, took a circuitous route, taking in stints with The Harvest Ministers, Nick Kelly and Grada.


Hot Press - 1995

EMI Sales Conference for Dublin

As for Naimee Coleman, the former Wilde Oscars singer is currently ensconced in Abbey Road studios with Rod Argent and Peter Van Hooke, the same team responsible for propelling Tanita Tikaram and Joshua Kadison towards international stardom.

"The three tracks that have been completed so far are absolutely stunning," the spokesman enthuses, "and talking to various people at the conference, the feeling is we've got a major star on our hands."

Formed by the songwriting team of Leslie Keye & Jonathan Reichental, both ex Brainchild. The Wilde Oscars played a strange kind of acoustic funk. Their first release was a single "Falling Down" was came out in 1994. They recorded an album "Fish" in Sun Studios in Temple Bar which was produced by Keye, Pat Donne (of The Big Noise) and the legendary Kim Fowley.

Naimee left the band to go solo ca 1995 and the band drafted in Tara Egan-Langley (later Tara Blaise) as her replacement. She is credited on the "Fish" album which came out in 1996. Various other line-up changes included Joe Chester on electric guitar, and Terry Hackett (ex Jam Jar Jail, The Joys) on drums. They performed live on the James Whale show.

The Wilde Oscars split in 1998 when Les Keye decided he'd had enough and went into recording & producing other artists. He has since released 2 solo albums "Breathe" (2000) and "Plan B...Again" (2004). He's also played bass with Patrick Freyne and His Bad Intentions, and Eamonn Dowd and the Racketeers (ex Swinging Swine).


"Celebrate The Life" review

Music is a celebration of life

This is a new compilation of innovative Dublin dance acts, featuring a diverse range of styles from Trippy Dub, Tribal House, Trance, and Techno.

The CD features just some of the music being made in Ireland now, from the mellow sound of the Wilde Oscars and Bumble to the harder club styles of M.S.D. and Rob Rowland. These are artists who have come from the underground scene in the past few years.

Celebrate the life is brought to you by the Celt Tribe imprint, a new label seeking to gain exposure for new Dublin talent both here and abroad. Celt Tribe staff includes an ex member of Bumble and a founder of the Inner Conscience label, which was responsible for the release of two acclaimed club hits: M.S.D. - "Moonboom" and Mind Over Music's "Jacobs Ladder", as well as the infamous "Garden of Eden" parties.

Celt Tribe are out to pillage the global village, and to conquer nations with the next phase of Celtic dance music. As this CD demonstrates there's a rich culture here ready to explode with a little encouragement. It's time to open our minds and move forward, this is the music with which we can do it.

Celebrate the Life strives to unite a segmented dance scene. This CD is for people who want to hear quality music from different styles. It contains 70 minutes of music mixed on one album for you listening pleasure.